That was the moment when everything started all
over again


"This simple but beautiful sentence sums up all of the innovative and proactive decisions I've made in my life. In my 41-year entrepreneurial life, I have started from scratch. Proactive and innovative thinking have formed the foundations of my entire business life, from ideas we brought to life, marketing strategies, the value we add and the businesses we have founded.


Sometimes they ask me, "How does one become innovative?" To tell you the truth, there is no shortcut or recipe. You perceive life that way and live it. Being innovative is a lifestyle, a matter of vision. It filters down from senior management to junior positions. At the same time, it demands courage to take risks, self-confidence, perseverance and discipline.


When you are innovative, you can always start over. Regardless of your age or your conditions! You ask yourself "Why not" and start over again. You feel it in every cell of your body, in your heart and even plan it in your dreams. In time, you develop a system of thinking that lets you see what others can’t, do things that others don’t, think of the unknown and what may make life easier. And the rest of it comes easily.


In my life, in my innovative thinking system, there is always investment, value and employment generation. For me, life is not enjoyable without these, without producing, creating value and being beneficial for my country. From my point of view; producing, creating value, and providing benefit for the country make the life more meaningful...


And the golden rule is: Life awards those who deserve it and takes it from those who do not."